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EMPORIA4KT works towards the design and implementation of actions between triple helix players to foster innovation and competitiveness within Blue Economy sectors. By focusing on upgrading Academia skills for knowledge transfer (KT) and innovation, this project intends to enable the design of market-directed Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) projects.

Guide for the implementation of an Academia Innovation Enhancer, white papers on innovation policies and funding mechanisms for the Blue Economy and much more on the documentation area

Upcoming Events

Fostering innovation through the Blue Economy:

from the Canary Islands to the Atlantic Area perspective

| 20 & 21 June 2023

At the EMPORIA4KT final event, there will be presented all results achieved by this project and we will discuss important topics around innovation and technology transfer within the blue economy.

This event will be covering the following topics:

- Navigating within the Blue Economy until discovering the route to the market
- How can we boost the knowledge transfer & dissemination of the training programme?
-Let’s continue to collaborate with Emporia4KT
- Testimonies of researchers and early stage technologies owners
- Presentation of the three early-stage technologies by researchers from the Canary Islands, and jury of the best route to market

-The challenges and opportunities of Blue Economy innovation

-Policies and funding mechanisms to foster blue innovation

Agenda - click here

Registration - click here

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