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International Bootcamp to Boost Innovation in the Atlantic Area

An exciting event will take place this month in Brussels which will support Blue Economy innovation in Atlantic Area countries Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland and the UK. The International Bootcamp, Blue Economy in the Atlantic Area – the role of Academia, Industry and Policy Stakeholders for fostering innovation in the Atlantic Area”, will bring together expert stakeholders to evaluate the main transnational needs and opportunities in specific areas of the Blue Economy.

The International Bootcamp was preceded by national bootcamps held in each of the aforementioned countries, where experts discussed the Blue Economy in their respective regions. Twenty of these experts, alongside EU representatives, will now meet in Brussels to exchange their ideas in relation to the Atlantic Area as a whole.

The participants will profile and validate the main identified barriers of communication and relationships between the triple helix players, and share best practices on R&D, technology transfer and innovation promotion initiatives (financial and policy). They will also seek to identify the current constraints for innovation.

These discussions will inform the next steps of the EMPORIA4KT project and help with the development of tools that will assist academic researchers upgrade their skills in knowledge transfer and innovation. It will also guide the consortium on providing input into policymaking at regional, national and transnational level.

The EMPORIA4KT International Bootcamp will take place on 12 December in Brussels, Belgium. To keep up to date with this and other project events please follow @EMPORIA4KT on Twitter.

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